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Biblical Power

You must believe, there is heaven and hell?
or how could your betters keep you in their spell.
You must go through life in their total control,
believing your faults are the plague of your soul.

How else could the righteous be piously great,
while us poor ‘mere mortals’ grab crumbs from their plate.
For we live our life in eternal sin,
and the heaven they seek, we will never get in.

I've a feeling when life's at the end of the game,
call it heaven or hell it will all be the same.
But I'll share it with folk who can think for themselves,
not living from books that collect dust on the shelves.

You may think that your soul will be free when you die,
but I'm sure that your spirit already flies high.
For by choosing the way that your heart says to go,
you cast off the demons that torment you so.

The Bible’s a thick book, and carries great weight,
but I'm sure that it's not the sole key to the gate.
For those who have used it to give them great power,
may find it gets scorched, in their life's final hour!

Ivor G Davies

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