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Passion in Flower

In the beginning was void,
it made God annoyed.
He created the Space and the Sun.

He then made a place,
called ‘The World’ in this space.
Then he thought ‘now I’ll really have fun’.

He planted a garden,
then made him a man.
Then a woman to keep him amused.

And from a great height,
both by day and by night.
His creation he often perused.

Now you all know the tale,
but some thoughts must prevail
Who fathered the child of this pair.

For there must be the deed
of implanted the seed
And in God’s sight, would Adam dare.

Though under the tree
God just couldn’t see
And passion was hidden from sight.

God hearing a crunch
thought Eve wanting lunch,
Had decided his apple to bite.

Yes, the snake got the blame
now drooping in shame
He now couldn’t stand and be firm.

For Eve had a bite
that sent quivers of fright
To the place where God wrapped up his sperm.

So it was a mistake
to think t’was the snake
That led our poor pair into sin

But a passion in flower
that really turned sour
In excitement when snaky slid in!

Ivor G Davies

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