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One true God

I donít believe in God
and I donít believe in luck,
it is lucky God has made me
find the truth about his book.
He wrote so many versions
that I cannot read them all,
so itís easier if your realize
that there is no God at all.

Others have their ĎOne True Godí
to see them through their day,
while others win the Lottery
as ĎGood Luckí comes their way.
But me, IĎll stand on my own feet
and always earn my pay,
for I know Iím never lucky
with no God to guide my way.

I could kid myself in thinking
that my God was by my side,
and then from the facts of living
I would find somewhere to hide.
It may bring a nice warm comfort
to the lining of my soul,
but without my own direction
would I really live life whole.

Thereís a place that they call Heaven.
Thereís a place that they call Hell.
There are devils and some demons,
there are even gods as well.
But the gods are also demons
and they roam about our land,
so I donít trust luck to devils
and I make my own true stand.

When Iím old, and tired, and knackered
then I just might change my mind.
At the point that I am dying
it is then that I may find,
that the God who walked beside me
was the one who saw me through,
but till then I trust the Judgment
that was born in me and you!

Ivor G Davies

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