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Nature of War

When creatures were placed on this earth,
God made them understand,
they must go forth and multiply,
and spread throughout the land.

To help them carry out their task,
he knew that they would need,
weapons likes of tooth and nail,
and strength, and speed, and greed.

So well adorned, they did their task,
with vigour, stealth, and skill.
To feed themselves, and all their young,
for food, they had to kill.

To keep their line the very best,
to make their breed succeed,
they had to win the perfect mate,
to bear their offspring’s seed.

This was the start of things to come,
with breeding on their mind,
they used the ‘tools’ that God had gave,
to kill their fellow kind.

As nature played this vicious game,
and evolution ran,
some chose to eat like you and me,
and out of them came man.

But aching somewhere in our souls,
primeval thoughts prevail.
We’re driven on to win or die.
our bloodlines must not fail.

Until our brains evolve to grasp,
that this is not the way,
we’ll go to war, to fill the lust,
that’s with us still today.

No matter those who strive to live,
in peace and true goodwill,
Mankind has not evolved enough,
……………. I doubt it ever will!

Ivor G Davies

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