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Devil's Advocate

I've never been nice, it's just not my way,
for being agreeable seldom can pay.
I play devil's advocate, not just to have fun,
but to find other ways that  things may be done.

When faced with a challenge folks try to explain
the reason why this is how they play the game.
I find I learn more in a good argument
than by getting advice that is gentler sent.

When I publish poems with contentious themes
the comments come flooding back in their reams,
but it isn't the folk who all like what I say
that give me the answers I seek every day.

I may disagree with the people who shout,
or even retort with an essence of doubt,
but the truth of the matter is not what it seems,
I learn more from conflict than praise of my themes.

So never back down when you're facing a fight,
for even if you are determined you're right,
you're bound to learn something, or even much more,
and in losing a battle,  you just may win a war!

Ivor G Davies

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