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Testing Time

This truly is a testing time,
when all around seek cause to find,
something wrong with everything,
that come out from my mouth or mind.

So easy now to let them win,
and join their game… retaliate.
Much harder still to stand my ground,
while others seem to plan my fate.

Convincing people they’re not right,
in treating others with contempt,
but try to aim them at the light,
and help their nasty streak repent.

I may not win this fragile fight
to change the ways of those I meet,
who’s presence leaves an ugly trail,
for this is truly quite a feat.

But if just one should mend their way,
and find within a calmer soul,
so they can help the ones they greet,
and not make hate their only goal.

Then I will claim one battle won
by turning cheek to evil deed,
and helping those who’d put me down,
by perpetrating evil’s seed

But caution guides my every step
when walking close to evil’s gate.
For truly I could scorch my soul,
………….. if tempted to retaliate!

Ivor G Davies

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