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Ride of a Lifetime

I met a little Welsh girl
from a village called Southsea.
I had a BeeSA Thunderbolt
that attracted her to me.

We rode around the country,
we rode around the lanes.
A lovely throbbing feeling,
but not much good for games.

At night Id ride my BSA
to collect her from her home.
But then wed go out in her car,
the country lanes to roam.

My lovely little Welsh lass
had a car with classic style.
This Anglia we drove about
for mile on happy mile.

The beauty of her little car
was clear when it was parked
in lay bys, on the country lanes,
quite often after dark!

I loved my BeeSA Thunderbolt,
my Welsh girl loved it too.
But the back seat of her Anglia
gave us both much more to do!

Ive now been married quite some time
to the Welsh girl not the car.
An Anglia has not been built
that would ever go that far!

And Ive spent many decades
still riding on that frame.
No...  not my cherished Thunderbolt,
for that was far too tame!

Ivor G Davies

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