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Ethereal Ties

When spirits meet in flesh at last
what do our senses feel.
Do ethereal links hold true and fast
or do they seem unreal?

If truly you connect in thought
youíll meet a friend you know.
For knowing comes from heart and soul
and knowledge doesnít show.

Alas, too oft we judge by looks,
a book read by itís cover.
Is that the reason why in life
some never find true lover?

The inner soul, the real you
is not for all to see,
itís for the ones who take the time
to let their thought flow free.

Our senses lie, and itís a fact
whatever we behold
is normally only whatís on show
to get the item sold.

So listen to the silent words
within each others head,
for ethereal ties are bonded.
by the words you never said.

Ivor G Davies

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