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Language of the Mind

I only speak one language,
so why is it that I find,
Iíve spent my life interpreting,
thoughts flowing through my mind.

Sometimes I do this writing,
then in poetry I share.
While other times I sit and talk
with friends whilst in my chair.

The study of mindís language
Is a rather awkward task,
you cannot take a college course
and no one else to ask.

You just have to let your senses flow
and feel with every thought,
then only when the feedback comes
youíll find the words you sought.

But itís worth the lifelong effort,
though I know it takes my time,
for it gives my life a meaning
and I cherish every line.

Pure thought I find the hardest,
for the words Iíll have to fit
when the ones to whom Iím talking
have moved up the Ďtreeí a bit.

Itís then my mindís in turmoil,
But believe me, it is true,
that those whoíve gone before me
always help me get it through.

Now if you think Iím rambling
and all this is in my mind,
just try Ďthinkingí for a moment
then see all the things Ďyouí find.

Some may think Iím wicked,
and their friends are simply Ďdeadí,
but Iíve seen the comfort given
by the words passed through my head.

Sometimes your friends are anxious
to say things you should not know,
though they try with love to guide you
they forget youíre still below.

At these times I am their censor,
though I know, they really care,
if I think itís going to hurt you
then it wonít get through my chair!

When we leave our earthly bodies
and a spirit one we wear,
we donít throw off all our feelings
for the ones for whom we care.

Friends can stay around forever
and theyíll guide you if they can,
but if you canít speak their language
then theyíll find a man who can!

Now Iíve bored you with my story
and Iím sure Iíll lose some friends.
but when you leave Ďyourí body
youíll see where lifeís journey ends.

There are many types of heaven
and we live one here on earth,
there are also many kinds of hell
and mankind makes those worse.

There are things I will not talk about,
the things we should not know,
so choose your pathway wisely,
there are ways we should not go.

Fight evil when you meet it
and flood all the world with love,
your reward will be your company
when youíre with your friends above.

Ivor G Davies

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