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Just a Little More

With age my spiritís settled down and takes things in itís stride,
thatís not to say it doesnít soar, and treasure every ride.
Itís just more careful flying kites when thereís no wind about,
for time has taught it better ways and not to scream and shout.

For years I chased my every dream, though most of them came true
thereís still a lot Iíve got to learn and more I want to do.
But now I look with different eyes at everything in sight,
thereís things that any way I try, I never could get right.

To look at whatís achievable, then do a little more,
Is better far than climbing high, to fall back on the floor.
I set my sights on things I feel I just Ďmay notí achieve,
and find  I often manage these, then new tasks Iíll conceive.

My spiritís settled down with age, but hasnít gone to sleep,
Itís learned that gentle stretching is a better way to reap
the things Iíve always wanted and the goals for which Iíve aimed,
than reaching out to catch the moon to find Iíve nothing gained.

So just because I now stretch out for things far nearer earth,
It doesnít mean that new ideas will never see their birth.
Iíve climbed my highest mountains and Iíve swam in stormy seas,
but now Iíve found a better way to give me all I please.

I measure out the distance, then just add a little more,
Itís all the Ďlittleí things we gain make life worth living for.
And when you are successful, then I think that youíll agree,
you do not need to rule the world to keep your spirit free.

Ivor G Davies

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