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Leading Light

A sudden thought springs to my mind,
a statement borne in rhyme.
I find this happens frequently,
and cherish it each time.

Don’t ask me where the thought came from,
another soul or mine.
Or maybe it bleeds from the ‘whole’,
ii so, this thought’s divine.

The thought then echoes through my mind,
I’m clothed within it’s gown.
I actually feel, the thought’s relief,
when it is written down.

Then other thoughts can quickly come,
like rain, they start to pour.
While some must wait until the first
has more time to mature.

When time is right, I sit me down,
then more words start to flow.
My pen moves through the rhyme with ease,
and writes it in one go.

I carefully study every thought,
and review every line.
to help with understanding,
of the words within the rhyme.

These written words bear ripened fruit,
like grapes plucked from the vine.
so from this point, I nourish them,
and make them really mine.

I know that I am meant to share,
this gift that I’ve received,
to help some find their inner strength,
in what has been conceived.

My poetry can mean so much,
to those who care to read.
But please don’t offer me the praise,
I did not plant the seed…

There really is, a leading light,
to see us through our day.
It shows itself in many forms,
to help us find our way.

But you, my friends, must seek it out,
then with it you can shine.
As I have found with poetry,
a gift I now make ‘mine’.

Ivor G Davies

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