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Not in Rhyme

This cannot rhyme, I must try change,
my verse Iíll try to rearrange.
Oh hell, I know, Iíve made it rhyme,
my penís the culprit every time!

Iíll try once more to write this poem
without a rhyme to keep it flowiní.
I donít believe I cannot do it,
there really should be nothing to it!

Thereís something wrong within my head,
I should take heed of what I said.
I said, ďI mustnít rhyme this timeĒ,
but rhymeís in every bloody line!

Well I give in, I am not clever,
my poetry will rhyme forever.
Iíll never make a decent poet,
if itís not rhymeÖ I just canít show it!

Ivor G Davies

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