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My Cup of Tea

I’d rather have tea than coffee to drink,
when I am asked, I just don’t have to think.
It’s one of the things I ‘decide’ everyday,
or is it, let’s see, is it really that way?

I feel habits form, then they get in the way,
the fact we don’t think makes our choices each day.
Surely things change, and we never should say,
we’ve decided for ever what game we will play.

Religion, our taste buds, our politics, ‘name’,
I’ve made up my mind, they will all stay the same.
It saves me from thinking and gives me no pain,
not having to dwell on these things once again.

Should I keep repeating, ‘that’s what I believe’,
or consider new options by things I perceive?
It may mean more often I have to ‘decide’,
which path I should take, or which way I should ride.

I’m certain that this will make me quite unsure,
just where I am going if I reach a new door.
I was happy to go just where I’d been before,
why should I change then, I’m sure of my floor.

The reason I know, is that no man decides
the true way for me, it must feel right inside.
My habits were forcing me, so was my pride,
to continue just ‘one way’ on my mindless ride.

I guess in the future a new man you’ll see.
I hope he’s much wiser, and better than me.
I must get that drink now, ‘a nice cup of tea’?
No… I’ll sample the coffee and set my soul free!

Ivor G Davies

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