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Harvest Moon

When moon is full and stars shine bright,
I love to wander through the night.
The cool crisp air and ghostly light,
clears my mind and makes things right.

When strolling thus, beneath the moon,
I came upon a dark lagoon,
with sounds of nightlife all in tune,
the scene was like an old cartoon.

In black and white with background sound,
I knew a haven I had found,
where time had stopped and all were bound,
by mystic forces, to the ground.

Although this scene seemed sheer delight,
I felt that something was not right,
though I could see no life in sight,
far too much noise, for dead of night.

I turn to leave as shadows loom,
my instinct said, all here were soon
to dance the role of death’s own tune,
by capture souls, beneath full moon.

I listened now to every sound,
that echoed deep from all around.
At last I knew what I had found,
a banshee’s lonely hunting ground.

But he would never take my soul,
to let him live, to make him whole.
For then I’d have to take his role.
I could not let him claim his goal.

So from my mouth I threw a curse,
the type that didn’t get much worse.
I banished him with one quick verse,
before our roles turned in reverse.

I really think I did quite well,
for all came peaceful in that dwell.
My curse had sent him back to hell,
thank god that I had used that spell.

So now I wander free again,
down moonlight tracks and darkest lane,
to meet lost souls, then call their name,
for ‘reapers’ always win their game!

Ivor G Davies

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