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Power behind the Throne

Is it man or woman who controls this land of ours?
Historically it's man who's shown that he has all the powers.
But women know  they're certainly, the Power behind the Throne,
controlling man so totally, as he brings the bacon home.

Just lately it's apparent that the female of our kind
have ceased to be content in just controlling from behind.
They know their strength and now insist on strutting it about
taking credit for their mastery is what their game's about.

So man now feels he's threatened, he was quite content before,
he was happy doing as he's told behind his own front door.
He’d go to work and struggle making woman’s dreams come true,
and carry out the orders that his woman said to do.

But even mice can turn you know, and man's now had enough,
he's the one who feels that he is in control, and tough.
So now a battle rages for his standing in our land,
please woman of the world be nice, why can't you understand?

You've always had control of man, since Adam lived with Eve
your wishes came before his God, he proved it in one deed.
But now you fight to take his pride and make man fall in line,
I wonder as the roles reverse just what will come with time.

Maybe we'll see a different world as woman take control,
as man adopts his second place, accepting his new role.
But slowly as all men evolve to be the ones at home.
I wonder will this also change, the Power behind the Throne!

Ivor G Davies

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