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Accent on Beverages

En France, although itís nice and warm,
there isnít any fun.
The only way to spend your time,
is sitting on your bum.

The villas there are very scarce
they havenít many shops.
You have to travel many miles,
through fields of naught but crops.

With wine caverns abundant,
thatís the way the French have fun.
Theyíve found a way to elevate,
just sitting on their bum.

So now I know the reason,
why their accent is so deep.
With wine they soften vocal chords,
each night before they sleep.

But English accents are quite crisp,
itís from Ďstiff upper lipí.
Thatís hardened by the constant slurp,
of all the tea they sip.

No wonder French and English,
seem to get along just swell.
They both spend all day drinking,
though they use a different well!

Ivor G Davies

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