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Drifting Free

The mid day sun was high in sky,
the temperature was rising high.
A river cruise in a small boat,
four kindred spirits kept afloat.

The guiding hand of one who knew
the path to steer to places new.
Explored new territory and found,
she ran the four of us aground!

So fate had dealt another blow
and life then moved on very slow.
In fact it stopped, we drifted free,
becalmed in perfect harmony.

But life goes on and soon we found
that we had reached some common ground.
In fact it was the river’s bank,
where safety beckoned less we sank.

The path we took was not to be,
so safe on land, we all drank tea.
Though fate had changed our plans again,
we’d turned life’s tide to give us gain.

Around our teacups we then mused,
deciding which new way we’d choose.
For all the plans of mice and men
can suffer mishaps now and then.

The trick’s to take it in your stride,
don’t suffer pain, then run and hide.
For every failure hides some gain,
as sure as sunshine follows rain.

Ivor G Davies

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