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God of Fun

I wish I was the one true God
and sat upon my throne.
Controlling all the people
in the lands they call their own.

Id give them joy and happiness
and never give them pain.
Id make their lives so beautiful
that everyone would gain.

I know Id be all-powerful,
so the world would always be,
Exactly how I wanted it,
the way that pleases me.

I dont think Id take lessons
from the one who does it now.
For the way he seems to like it
doesnt feel quite right somehow.

Maybe hes attempting
just to unify his name.
Whichever has the nicest twang
is going to win the game.

Perhaps, Id be called Allah,
though I dont see why he cares.
Whatever they all call him
theyll still worship him in prayers.

I dont think hes retiring yet,
his game has not been won.
So I better find another job
and leave God to his fun!

Ivor G Davies

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