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A Load of Bull

While walking my dog in a field one day
a massive black bull appeared in the way.
It snorted and grunted and pawed at the ground,
I could tell by its face that I couldnít walk round.

Now here was a problem, I had to think quick
although in my stomach I really felt sick.
To run, or to stand there and mirror itís stare,
the steam from its nostrils showed Ďití didnít care.

Well in for a penny and in for a pound,
I ran at the beast as it stamped at the ground.
Screaming with terror, I must have been thick,
and me only armed with a very small stick.

The look on its face as it snorted with rage
turned from pure anger to one of amaze.
It turned and it trotted right out of my sight,
while I started shaking with all of my might.

My dog, then no coward, took up the chase,
and barked at the bull as it left in disgrace,
while I caught my breath and wondered just why,
I hadnít been gored and tossed high in the sky.

This story is fiction, Iíd tell you no Ďbullí,
but in my young days all the girls it helped pull.
When I meet trouble I face it head on,
though some say itís easier to carry a gun.

The gun that I carried was my silver tongue,
though now that I think, all the girls liked that long,
but back to the story, that Ďnearlyí is true,
this tells of those problems you cannot work through.

Thereís been times in life with no way around,
and truthfully this is what I have found.
Donít stand there and take it, be sure you bite back,
even when screaming, just narrow the gap.

If you leave some space to let troubles take hold
and never take action, but let yourself fold,
then youíll carry them with you for all of your days,
they only get worse and determine your ways.

So what if youíre frightened, or maybe get hurt,
face up to lifeís terrors in one sudden spurt.
Grab the damn problem by scruff of the neck,
what is there to lose, when your down on the deck?

Then just like my bull, if you meet it head on,
you may find itís not real, but it ruining your fun.
The problemís invented by Ďmeí, I have found,
are the ones that are hardest for me to get round.

So real or imagined donít stand there and stare,
just run at them screaming and donít give a care.
If they disappear, you make shake for a while,
but even if Ďtossedí you may rise with a smile.

Ivor G Davies

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