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The Wanderer

The roads are my family
we meander together
and just like my dreams
they go on forever.

Once I was wealthy
with a lifestyle so fine,
now I’m much richer
but don’t spend a dime.

I sleep somewhere different
each day of my life,
the mad lust for money,
now gives me no strife.

“He lives in the gutter,”
I’ve heard people say,
but I’d rather call it,
a long holiday.

The clouds and the stars
are the roof of my home,
they’re always with me
wherever I roam.

I’ve never been married,
nor ever had kids,
so now nothing ties me
to permanent digs.

I enjoy my freedom,
I’ve nothing to lose.
my hardest decision
is ‘which way’ to choose.

So I wander the highways,
I’m caught in their spell
and worried by no man,
….…because of my smell!

Ivor G Davies

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