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Close of Day

In twilight years, your ways now set,
it’s now you’re finally ‘you’.
A life fulfilled, or just regrets
you’d not seen all dreams through.

You race like mad to make up time
misplaced along the way,
the things you missed, whilst in your prime,
you’re searching for today.

We never realise all dreams
or satisfy all needs,
but have to live within our means
and follow where life leads.

So be at peace inside yourself
as final days draw near,
and know you’ve taken from life’s shelf,
the best that ‘you’ held dear.

Seek out the things you still desire,
still live your life in full,
for naught can quench the inner fire,
your spirit age can’t dull.

Then when at last you take your leave
you’ll journey with a with a smile,
for in your heart you’ll then believe
your lifetime was worthwhile.

Ivor G Davies

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