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Flying with Flair

Two hundred mile an hour they say
a Fireblade screams along itís way
but when alas, the riderís Ray
the Fireblade went a different way

It sped down Chester bypass quick
for Raymond gave it quite some stick
but at a hundred, fifty plus
just one mistake will make you cuss.

So when he braked to miss a bend
the bike no longer manís best friend,
deciding it was time to fly
took bike and rider to the sky.

But birds, not men, are born with wings
our spines can crack in high speed spins
while somersaulting through the air
his back was broke beyond repair.

Now Ray must face his life anew
not walking now like me or you
but finding ways to keep his flair
whilst tethered to a bloody chair!

Ivor G Davies

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