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Blowing in the Wind

While people sleep in bed at night,
as darkness shrouds the land,
there’s things that travel on the wind
not many understand.

They fly through stone, and brick, and steel.
there’s naught can bar their way,
until within the mind of man,
they stop to have their say.

Some are evil, some are good,
some even are divine.
(It’s even possible at times,
they may be formed as rhyme).

But living things they are,  …and real,
they’re born within man’s mind.
Can we be sure the ones ‘we’ breed
are not of evil kind.

Pure simple thought’s the only way,
that keeps us safe at night,
for evil’s rippling tremors spread
infecting all in sight.

So listen carefully, as the wind
blows universal wealth,
if you can reach out with your mind,
there’s knowledge on the shelf.

But take great care what you allow
to educate your mind,
for all that’s blowing in the wind
may not be nice to find….

Ivor G Davies

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