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Create the Past

Still at the office, working alone,
hours had past since his staff had gone home.
He’d promised his wife that he’d be home on time,
but pressures of work abound in his mind.

His loved ones at home, whom he rarely did see,
had waited once more before starting their tea.
His food on the table, now cold on the plate,
I don’t think he knows that this life doesn’t wait.

One day he’ll wake up and find life’s passed him by,
and then realise that there’s things you can’t buy.
The present and past are just ‘moments in time’,
and for moments lost now, forever you’ll pine.

So seek out the things that mean most to you,
and use all your ‘moments’, to keep your heart true.
Release all the things that are wasting your time,
to make sure your past, was a time most divine.

Ivor G Davies

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