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Freedomís Chains

Where have I been, what have I done,
what have I lost, what have I won.
I do not really care at all
unless my backís against a wall
for I am happy to be free
and do whatever pleases me.

Some people are not free at all
and live their lives Ďagainst a wallí.
No hope in life for them you see,
by circumstance, they canít be free.
Suppressed by things they canít control,
their life becomes hellís darkest hole.

If you think freedom is a choice
try saying this without a voice.
Where death awaits if you cry out
and you mourn friends who tried to shout.
This is the place some call their home,
where freedom has no place to roam.

Iíll not define these captiveís chains
for they all come by many names.
The things that most all think are free
are not all what they seem to be.
For others may not have a choiceÖ
                       deprived of liberty and voice.

Ivor G Davies

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