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Good and Evil

Good and Evil spread about to see what they could find,
they both knew well the place to be was inside someone's mind.
They never found a single head they couldn't get inside
but found with everyone they met, they shared their place to hide.

Now some folk just loved Evil and Good found little space,
while Good found others welcomed him and hated Evils face.
But both live there together, inside heads throughout mankind,
for Good and Evil thoughts survive in everybody's mind.

So Black or White or Fat or Thin, it matters not at all,
if Rich or Poor or Bright or Dim, whatever is your call.
But it matters absolutely how you listen to your mind,
these two intend to guide your way, one wicked and one kind.

So call it schizophrenia or just a choice of will,
but Good and Evil lead you on their own ends to fulfil.
It's only you can make the choice, you'll follow your own road,
by allowing space for either one to make you their abode.

Though when you have decided who's to be the welcome guest,
you'll always get a nagging from the one you think's a pest.
For Good and Evil still reside within each persons head,
it's only you can choose by whom, that you are always led.

Ivor G Davies

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