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Sixth Sense

Five senses link us to the world,
that’s what we’ve all been taught.
But each of them extends to fill
each corner of our thought.

Sight gives you the chance to see
the wonders all around.
But have you ever ‘seen’ the truth
of things that are profound.

Sound will let you hear the noise
our ears were made this way.
But have you ever ‘listened’ to
your conscience have it’s say.

Touch allows us all to feel
the textures of all things.
But did you ever ‘feel’ true love,
this feeling really sings.

Taste lets us enjoy our food
or quickly spit it out.
But surely we’ve a ‘taste’ for art
and music, there’s no doubt.

Smell the temptress of them all
can lead you where to go.
But if you ever ‘smell’ a rat,
your instinct tells you so.

So the senses that we’re born with
that we’re using every day,
form partnerships within our thoughts
to help us on our way.

But the sense that’s most important
and the one we have to find,
is the Sixth Sense we develop
in the regions of our mind.

Ivor G Davies

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