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United States of Europe

Another day, another dollar,
funny things we British say.
It's the 'Pound' we use in Britain,
and it's always been that way

Soon it may change to a ‘Euro’,
if we join with nearby lands.
Sadly they don't speak our English,
those who offer us their hand.

While I like my nearby neighbours,
I can't see the reason why
we have to share in common money,
just to keep our prices high.

I would rather change to dollars,
least the language stays the same.
We could then still count in English,
with a simple change of name.

Tell me where our kinship nestles,
with our offspring or our friends.
Why this struggle to be partners,
just to follow 'others' trends.

I know that all the souls within us,
are not different... not at all!
Why not then a world wide money,
would the Bank of England fall?

But to choose a bigger Europe
when we don’t see eye to eye.
Seems to me a little silly,
rather like a firework pie.

Now I’ll stop my mindless ramble,
spend my ‘Sterling’ while I may.
Not just money, independence,
is the price we'll have to pay

Ivor G Davies

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