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The snowman stood where snowmen stand,
where pure white snow now hides the land.
Children’s hands conceived his birth,
from winter’s blanket on the earth.

The children played till day was done,
with their new snowman, they had fun,
but when night fell they all went home
and left poor snowman on his own.

The snowman thought, ‘Oh what the hell’,
I’d better use the snowman spell
so I can sing and dance and talk
and leave this place to take a walk.

So “Abba Dabba Dabba Doo!”,
he came to life like me or you
and danced for joy and sung a song,
then ran about the whole night long.

At dawn he found he’d lost his way.
but snowman law said he should stay
where he’d been built when morning came,
or things could never be the same.

There was, alas, naught he could do,
quite lost and cold and wet right through.
He knew the punishment he feared,
and right on queue his boss appeared.

The snowman God from arctic realms
passed judgment on all misused spells.
Justice was harsh and swift as well,
the dreaded ‘mankind maker’ spell.

So our poor snowman’s now like us,
he’ll have to learn to swear and cuss
and live his lifetime on this earth,
not happy, joyful, snowman mirth.

So take a tip from those who know,
when standing lonely in the snow,
when lost and cold and wet right through
don’t wish for things you should not do.

For if your God appears on earth
to judge your actions from your birth,
there’s nowhere left for you to go
to keep you warm…except below!

Ivor G Davies

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