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Jack the Lad

We have a lop-eared bunny
his name is ‘Jack the lad’,
when sitting upright in his hutch
our bunny looks quite sad.

But when we let him out to play
he jumps and twists with joy,
then gobbles up the plants we have
the naughty little boy.

Our bunny is a friendly lad
he’ll follow you around
and likes to have a friendly pat
when lying on the ground.

He often sprawls out on his back
enjoying midday sun
or else he’s up to mischief
that’s his way of having fun.
He jumps o’er walls and bushes
and breaks down all our flowers,
he doesn’t care we planted them
and watered them for hours.

But, most of all, he is our friend
and loved by us a lot.
We wouldn’t change him for a cat
or cook him in a pot!

Ivor G Davies

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