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A Clever Man

If I were a clever man,
who knew the ways of all,
it might help me along the way,
and save me from a fall.

If really clever, I would be
perfect in every way,
I wouldnt have to take advice,
from others every day.

Id be the very, very best.
my knowledge would shine through,
then everyone would be my friend,
and ask me, what to do.

If I were wise Id share with all,
some of the things I know,
then friends would look at me in awe,
and follow where I go.

Youve come this far, so what dya think,
is this the one youd love,
a clever arse, who knows it all,
and feels one step above?

Im glad Im not a clever man,
I love to seek advice,
for vanitys the quickest way
to lose ones friends for life.

I know, that I know nothing
of the things that make one smart,
but with friends, and love, and kindness,
Ive found comfort in my heart.

Ivor G Davies

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