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Chinese Moon

I'm a Wood Cockerel,
Metal Tiger's my mate,
which meant for her birthday
five years I did wait.
Twenty four years
passed by on their way
till joining of species
on that happy day.

Tiger and Cockerel,
fur, feather and fun,
in crowing and growling
they can't be outdone.
They’re totally manic
mammal and bird,
strutting together
the picture absurd.

But nesting together,
at home in their lair,
the cock and the pussy
combined as a pair.

Now thirty four years
has passed this pair by,
their children surround them
and none can deny,
that Cockerels and Tigers
though different breed,
in love found a way
to propagate seed.

Together forever
by Chinese Moon,
there’s none now are saying
they’ll separate soon.
For a lifetime of loving
they’ve shared with each other…
a Cockerel as Father
and Tigress as Mother

Ivor G Davies

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