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Lifeís Shadows

The castle stood within the walls,
to guard the river Dee,
A garrison for many years,
and steeped in history.

Across the street by itís arched gate,
a courtyard housed some folk,
the families of soldiers there,
would laugh and smile and joke.

With cobbled square and gaslights
many memories lingered on
of times gone by in distant past
when life was not such fun.

Alone at night when in this place
and sometimes even day,
youíd see strange shadows pass you by
as they went on their way.

A graveyard stood outside the gate
where you would hear the cries
of souls that were still roaming
in the place their body lies.

I saw them clearly through the years,
I shared my home with them
And in that yard, I came to know
some truths hidden from men.

The spirit is a living thing
and dies not when we lose
the flesh we carry through our life
thatís given us to use.

But mankindís mind is fragile
and easily may be swayed,
unless he takes control of it
heís easily dismayed.

Confusion is the enemy
that ties him to the earth
and stops his spirit rising back
to where it had itís birth.

A lifetime can be wasted
or even worse than that,
you may return less able
than when you were begat.

So now youíve got a chance at life
donít let it slip away
for you can wait for centuries
to see another day.

The message is quite simple
there is something we must learn,
donít let life take you prisoner
now itís time to have your turn!

Ivor G Davies

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