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Life’s Puzzle

All the pieces of Life’s Puzzle,
when emptied from their box,
we are forced to put together
for these are our building blocks.

I like to make the pieces fit,
but sometimes alter them a bit.
I break some off, and some reform,
to make them suit what I call norm.

Alas, it isn't always so
and sometimes pieces will not go
just where we would all like them to,
so what is it we have to do?

When things don't fit the way we choose,
it's then we stand to gain, not lose.
For then we have to seek new skill
and sometimes take a bitter pill.

It's us that sometimes have to change
and find a way to rearrange
the bits of us that are too tight,
to let the picture turn out right.

So when we finally sort our box
and life's picture is whole,
all the pieces of Life’s Puzzle
we’ll then carry in our soul…

Ivor G Davies

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