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In Godís Name

No answer in diplomacy,
No answer in revenge,
while people die so many deaths
as they try to avenge
the sins that eons
have evolved
to hatred for their foes.
For all are right
and all are wrong
depending where one goes.

There is no way that we can find
a way to end all war,
as in Godís name
we claim the world
that we are fighting for,
and pain will never go away
when others kill your kin.
But killing them
helps null the pain,
no matter if you win.

So damn the World
And damn the God
that breeds a life of hate,
if someone killed my next of kin
I'd help them meet their fate.
There is no answer
that can cure
or peace forever gain,
diplomacy or sweet revenge
will never ease the pain.

Ivor G Davies

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