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Go to Hell

At long last Ivor’s gone to Hell,
buried exactly where he fell.
They  didn't need to dig the hole
Old Nick rose up to claim his soul.

For evil had to have revenge
for Ivor‘d spoiled Old Nicks best friend
by teaching him that doing good
was much more fun than spilling blood.

But now down there I've heard some that tell
Nick wants to throw him out of Hell.
He’s losing souls now every day
as Demons now join Ivor‘s play.

So now most souls have fun in Hell
and even pure evil is doing quite well.
while Ivor‘s enjoys the Devils defeat
by having a fire to warm up his feet.

So if you pause by the grave of this dearly departed,
just think of the fun you may join that he started.
Try to be good, but if you can't, then oh well,
you'll be welcomed and toasted if you go to Hell

Ivor G Davies

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