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Hell’s Finest Hour

In Africa, it’s now obscene
that epidemic reigns supreme.
Babies born with HIV,
no chance of life like you or me.

No matter how this virus came,
I think that man should bear the shame.
He should be using all his will.
to find a way to cure this ill.

Instead his greed just leads him on,
to rape the land ‘til all is gone.
his thirst for power, at others pain,
brings ‘hell to earth’ to make his gain.

But none will stop this bloody state,
the ‘civilised nations’, yes they wait,
until they find that they may lose,
the price of oil, or cheaper shoes.

Then they all stand, ‘for all that’s right’
in name of God, they take the fight
and smash the ones with power and might,
to free the people from their plight?

But who’s the winner.... I’m not sure,
why would they really fight this war,
sure they’ll keep their cheaper shoes,
at cost of loved one’s that they lose.

Yet still, chaos will reign supreme,
more babies die where man has been.
If only we could see the day
to take our paths a better way.

Through prophets sent from heaven above
God’s shown mankind the way of love,
still battles rage, twixt love and power,
I fear Hell’s gained it’s finest hour!

Ivor G Davies

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