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Know it all

There is an age that parents fear,
a time when manners disappear.
When siblings turn and just for fun,
hate everything, the time’s begun.

Now all become pure selfish sods
and think they walk where no one’s trod.
They now behave like things from hell,
just why this happens, none can tell.

Their mum and dad they disrespect,
they seem to join a different sect.
One that exists for them alone,
they all become a ‘Kevin’ clone.

There is no way, that them we’ll please,
it’s worse than any dire disease.
We pray their moods will go away,
and dread the horrors of each day.

Their adolescent age we blame,
and know that once we were the same.
But all we did was curse and swear,
nowadays they think, they walk on air.

They think adults don’t understand,
and they’re the first to walk this land.
Parents never had their needs,
or ever lived in times like these.

Sometimes out teens can be so vile,
they moan and argue all the while.
Their insults make us feel quite prone,
to bless the day when they’ll leave home.

The only thing that we can do,
is bear the brunt and see it through.
These kids who now have no control,
will wake one day and find their soul.

It’s now they drive us all insane,
but surely where there’s pain, there’s gain.
One day they’ll take a bloody fall,
and find they didn’t know it all!

Ivor G Davies

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