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Sense and Science

There's power abounds within our worlds,
that science will deny.
Just silly folks with twisted minds
who rant and rage and lie!
If they can't see, or touch or smell,
they know it isn't there
until the day, to their dismay
it's forced on them to share!

Now television, planes and phones,
it's very true to say,
would surely have been witchcraft
in a not so distant day.
But seeing teleí, seeing ghosts,
convinces you they're there,
or does it... do you choose the things
you let your senses share?

You can't see evil's presence
when it's aimed to do you harm,
you think it rather silly
to return it with a charm?
So live in total ignorance
and die because your ill,
no doctorís precious potions
will cure evil with a pill!

Believe in what you care to
and say Iím off my mind,
but there's many times Iíve thwarted
things of supernatural kind.
I will use the things I need to,
be they physical or 'crap',
but if your directing evil
then I'm going to send it back!

Take a warning from my ramblings,
there's more than meets the eye,
it's not the ground you stand on
or the covering of the sky.
There's things that some call heaven,
and things that some call hell
that combine to make our lifetimes,
and we all live in their spell.

So if you ever feel a prickle
from the hairs upon your neck,
you will know that evilís found you,
so you'd better run like heck!

Ivor G Davies

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