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So Where is God?

So where is God, when you need Him most,
when those you love are in need?
They say it's Him, who carries you through,
they say it is Him, indeed!

How come we never get a glimpse,
of the 'footprints in the sand'?
I'll tell you why, for they're not there,
when we really need a hand.

Forget that God created man,
for man created Him.
The power of love and all that's good
fight evil and can win.

Don't think I mean that God's not real,
in fact, I know He is.
But man and nature rule this world,
not an omnipotent kiss.

Responsibility for our God,
lies in everything we do,
For 'goodness' is a living thing,
and helps us see life through.

The Devil lurks to grab our souls,
and make a world of hate.
But the evil deeds performed by man,
are the Hell that 'we' create.

So God and Satan spread their spells,
but only you can tell
if you are making Heaven on earth,
or spreading fiendish Hell.

The power of thought's a living thing
that helps us every day,
but let's be clear about one thing,
it's 'you' who paves the way.

So if your world should fall apart,
don't blame the God you made.
He never did control the game
that man and nature played.

But pray to Him to give you strength,
to take it on the chin.
For maybe then, both You and God
will find a way to win.

Ivor G Davies

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