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Inner Peace

I donít know why Iím feeling down,
but sadness fills my heart.
My breathingís slow, my mindís withdrawn,
this mood will not depart.
I have not got the energy
that usually fills my life.
I want to sit and rest my soul
from all lifeís daily strife.

Thereís no particular reason
why right now I feel this way,
a lethargy just fills my thoughts
as my mind drifts away
to lands I knew on far off shores
where sunshine warmed my day,
while I lay on the golden sands
just passing time away.

I feel that I should meditate
to try to clear my mind
and listen to my inner self
to see what I can find.
The reason for this mood Iím in
is slowly coming clear,
itís others linking with my soul,
I feel that friends are near.

Their presence I hold dearly,
so a little time Iíll find
to sit with them a moment
while they nestle in my mind.
To share their love of living
Iím now joined with them as one,
for the peace that they are bringing
is much warmer than the sun.

This mood I thought was sadness,
now a quietness of my soul,
bathed in the gentle presence
of those whoíve joined the whole,
is a time for quiet reflection
though Iíd thought that I been down,
in my mind Iíd been mistaken
for itís ĎInner Peaceí Iíve found.

Ivor G Davies

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