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Bought of Thought

Look backwards now, where’er you go,
especially if it’s ‘to and fro’,
for if your ‘to’ becomes your ‘fro’
you’ll know the way that you should go.

Look forward on the road of life
especially if it’s full of strife,
for if your life is only strife
you’ll find no comfort in past life.

Look forward to a time of leisure
especially if you’ve had no pleasure,
for leisure then will bring you pleasure,
you’ll find you’ll really welcome leisure.

Look, how you ask, am I to know,
especially searching ‘to and fro’,
for though I’ve searched both ‘to and fro’,
you’ll find that pleasure I don’t know.

I’ll tell you it’s found in your mind,
especially hard for you to find,
for if you look, I know you’ll find,
you’ll find it waiting in your mind.

I’ll have to stop and search my mind
especially if it’s there to find
for if I stop, for it to find,
you’ll find I then explore my mind.

I’ll relax now, I’ve found in thought,
especially what I always sought,
for now I know the thing I sought,
you’ll see my pleasure, bought of thought.

Ivor G Davies

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