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Luck of the Draw

At times when life seems full of shit,
and you are growing tired of it,
when joy's been torn out from your soul
and left you feeling far from whole,
it's then that you, and you alone,
can find another pathway home.

Forget the hand that you've been dealt
and all life's blows below the belt,
take all the misery and pain
and change it into lifelong gain.

Just like a masochist would do,
laugh at the ones who would hurt you,
for they're not worthy of your kind,
don't ever let them bend your mind.

If only bad things pave your way,
don't let just luck control your day,
the new pathway that you’ll then take
should bring forth laughter from heartache,
for this is how life's battle's won,
so through life's pains, still have some fun!

Ivor G Davies

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