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Dogmatic Doctrine

Can I kiss a Catholic
or a Muslim or a Jew,
A Buddhist or an Atheist,
a Sikh or a Hindu?

Can I share their faith with them
and not condemn my soul,
To eternal persecution
in the Devilís deepest hole?

Can I offer love to those
who are not always straight.
Whoís love is shared with their own sex
or either kind of mate?

If so, am I a pervert
who canít pass through heavenís gate,
is it true that love can lead to hell
as surely as can hate?

Can I really lead a life
rejecting all I find
that meet the inner feelings
that have formed within my mind?

Is it true that Iíve no right to choose
the things I want to do,
but just accept I must conform
to things that canít be true?

If this is so Iíll tell you,
then this life is really hell,
the Devilís won already
we are bound within his spell.

But Iím sure that God Almighty
is around for All Mankind,
whatever path we follow
or whatever love we find.

Ivor G Davies

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