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Man or Mouse
                  or Dog or Cat

There’s something queer about my cat,
she’ll not chase mice… I smell a rat.
A cat that will not chase a mouse
should not be welcome in my house.

Not every dog will chase a cat,
though most of them will chase a rat.
A dog of course lives just to please,
and chew on bones, and scratch it’s fleas.

But cats, well they’re a different breed,
they please themselves in every deed.
They know exactly what they’re at,
we live for them… ‘cause they’re a cat.

But dogs chase cats and cats chase mice.
No… nature really isn’t nice.
But not my cat, she’s far too wise
to waste her time for such small prize.

I really shouldn’t keep a cat
who won’t chase mice from where they’re at.
But what the hell, when all is done
to kill a mouse can’t be much fun.

My cat’s taught me a thing or two
in doing things ‘she’ wants to do.
Not doing things that aren’t much fun
because that’s what is ‘always’ done.

So dog or cat, or man or mouse,
let’s be the master of our house,
and furnish it with all we find
that gives us comfort in ‘our’ mind.

Ivor G Davies

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