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Fantasy Friends

Easter is when we're reminded
that death is not finally the end
and just because someone has left us
doesn't mean that we've now lost a friend.

For all folk live on after dying,
not just our Savior you know,
for everyone who has departed
has to have somewhere to go.

All folk will lose someone who loves them,
the Reaper will take them one day,
but I feel that the place that they go to
is not really that far away.

In their arms can they no longer hold us
nor with lips can they comfort our ears,
but they stay all around us forever
to share both our joys and our fears.

As shown by our Lord's resurrection
when Jesus came back from the cross,
he proved to the ones who had loved him
that death wasn't such a great loss.

Most folk just see this as a symbol
and not what life's really about,
but if you listen to those who've departed
they'll whisper away all your doubt.

There's no reason why you should believe me
and death may be where it all ends,
but if so then I'm still very happy
to share love with my fantasy friends.

Ivor G Davies

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