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Good Poets

Iíve lost the thread,
I donít know why,
however much I sit and try
I still think lots of poetryís crap,
(itís not like me to think like that).

I struggle on from verse to verse,
as sometimes every line gets worse,
for long, long hours,
though God knows why,
just reading all that meets my eye.

But hidden deep beneath the grot
sometimes a piece
will hit the spot,
a gem of creativity
absorbing every part of me.

Itís then I know why I still look,
for poetry becomes my hook
and like a fish beneath the sea
hook, line and sinker,
itís caught me.

Iíll journey on this poetís rhyme
absorbed by each and every line,
enraptured by the poetís verse
this is the nature
of my curse

Good Poets of the world unite
and feed my hunger when you write
such words delivered with such might,
itís worth my dredging through the trite!

Ivor G Davies

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