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There's no such things as ghosts,
I think you'll all agree
that people who are dead
cannot talk to you or me.

These voices in my head
are surely in my mind
and things I sometimes see
are illusions of a kind.

I'm told it's Devil's play,
and it's really him I hear
and the Devil's found a way,
whilst good souls will not appear.

But the voices usually tell
of the things we should do right,
so the Devil's messengers
must have joined in God's true fight.

Bringing guidance to the lost
and comfort to despair
by establishing a link
to those for whom they care.

These voices in my head
can usually 'kiss and tell'
of things that only you and them
would ever know so well.

But there's no such things as ghosts
you're insane to disagree
and people think your strange
if you talk to them... like me.

Ivor G Davies

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