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Rupert the Bear

When I was young I read a book
my hero was in there.
The book I'm sure, you've read yourself
about… 'Rupert the Bear'.

But my hero was not Rupert
nor his Mother, nor his Dad,
not even all the wizards or
the creatures Rupert had.

My hero was the poet
who turned all the words to rhyme
beneath the comic pictures
that displayed the storyline.

It was also wrote in paragraphs
as all good books should be,
but the rhyming explanations
was the part that captured me.

I'm sure my admiration
for the muse behind the lines
was my earliest perception
of the power of simple rhymes.

So now I'm a rhyming poet
and my head will always fit
my feelings and emotions
into words that rhyme a bit.

So forgive me if I bore you
when my rhyming's always there,
it's not my fault, I'm brainwashed
…by that pesky Rupert Bear!

Ivor G Davies

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