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Wisdomís Sage

Iíve lived so long Iím proud to say,
at last I know it all.
Just ask before you make a move,
Iíll save you from a fall.

My advice is freely given,
so ask me all you will
and listen to my wisdom,
to save you from a spill.

I know youíre very lucky
to have me for a friend,
I will shower you with knowledge.
and your failings I can mend.

There isnít any other
whoís as generous as me
in showing everybody
all the things they cannot see.

I know the world will benefit
from all my good advice
for Iím a living legend
and Iím really very nice.

No wonder people love me
and worship me all day,
although I sometimes wonder
why so many keep away.

It may be that Iím younger
and those older cannot see
that a very youthful person
can be quite as smart as me.

But if they would only listen,
I could help them every way,
for I am the wisest person
that theyíll meet on any day.

Some think I am conceited,
but I know those folk are wrong.
Itís not my fault Iím perfect
and Iím never ever wrong!

Ivor G Davies

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